Maintenance Working Group

The April 2009 issue of General Aviation included a report of a small meeting hosted by AOPA that took place in March. The attendees comprised two senior personnel from the CAA on the maintenance and airworthiness standards activity, two from the GA maintenance industry and George Done and Martin Robinson from AOPA representing aircraft owners. Subsequently, and partly as a result of that meeting, the CAA organised three seminars on EASA Part M aimed at informing representatives from Approved Maintenance Organisations and other interested parties of the state of play and latest developments at that time. This was reported in the October 2009 issue of General Aviation.

It subsequently transpired that the transition to EASA Part M continued to raise difficulties, particularly with the maintainers, and a further meeting was organised by AOPA in October 2010 at which it was firmly decided to hold similar meetings for the foreseeable future on a roughly quarterly basis, the latest one having taken place in January 2011. A pattern was set for these meetings in which the maintainers and AOPA representatives met in the morning, with the CAA representatives joining them for lunch and for the afternoon meeting. Although, obviously, the morning meeting allowed the maintainers to agree on the relative importance of the agenda items for CAA attention in the afternoon, there are in fact several areas of discussion that concern maintainers and owners alone. These include an AOPA Code of Practice or Light Aircraft Maintenance Customer Commitment, pre-purchase inspections and dispute resolution.

Maintenance Working Group Terms of Reference

  1. To provide a forum for discussion of maintenance issues to the mutual benefit of aircraft owners and maintainers.
  2. To extend the forum to the regulators in order to allow issues to be discussed in a constructive manner and resolutions to problems sought.
  3. The WG is open to maintainers who are willing and able to contribute on a voluntary basis, but it is expected that these would be holders of EASA Part M approvals.
  4. The WG will endeavour to achieve maintenance representation across the range of activity, to include, for example, those involved in avionics and rotary wing. It is not expected that maintainers would necessarily be AOPA members.
  5. The WG will normally meet at approximately quarterly intervals, or as required. Items for the agenda will be welcome from owners (via AOPA), maintainers and regulators.
  6. Notes of meetings will be circulated to members of the AOPA Executive

The current members of the WG are

  • Malcolm Bird, Aircraft Owner
  • Brian Chambers, Aircraft owner
  • Kevin Churchill, Bournemouth for maintainers
  • Ken Craigie, Chief Inspector, LAA
  • George Done, AOPA
  • John Eagles, Air Stratus, Oaksey Park
  • Paul Hendry-Smith, The Light Aircraft Company, Little Snoring
  • Roger Kimbell, previously of J & J Aircraft Services, Sibson
  • Paul Layzell, Touchdown Engineering, Old Buckenham,
  • Martin Robinson, AOPA.
  • James Sharman, Sharman Avionics, Sywell
  • Mark Shortman, Head of Policy and Delivery, GAU, CAA
  • Mike Smart, Farley Farm for maintainers

If you are interested in this Working Group or wish to raise a maintenance related issue, please contact George by clicking on his name below.

George Done George Done Executive Director and Chairman
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