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Board and Executive Committee Member
16 St Ursula Grove Southsea Hampshire PO5 1LT United Kingdom

Phone: 023 9283 0276

Mobile: 07712 128821

Other information

Other information:

Mike gained his PPL in 1974 at Shoreham, mainly flying a Beagle Pup 150. He now flies a 1948 Luscombe on a Permit to Fly.

He represents AOPA UK at NATS AIS consultation meetings. He is involved with the European Luscombes and help with their organisation, including the website and two annual events, the Luscombe Tour and the Luscombe Rally.

Mike was deeply involved with the fight to open up the former Naval Air Station at Lee on Solent for GA. He authored the Aerodrome Manual and dealt with the CAA on procedures and radio licensing.

He is also part of the Members Working Group, administers the AOPA website, and moderates the AOPA section of the Flyer Forums.

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