Pathfinder Flying Club Wyton Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE28 2EA United Kingdom

Phone: Tel: 01480 452451 Extn 8733


Other information

Other information:

The Pathfinder Flying Club is based at RAF Wyton in Cambridgeshire and is a member of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs Association. The primary aim of the Pathfinder Flying Club is to provide regular Service personnel with flying instruction, to PPL standard, at the lowest possible cost. In addition it aims to provide facilities for instructional and recreational flying for Service reservists, members of the UAS and the ATC/CCF. Service dependants, retired Service personnel, Civil Service staffs and locally employed contractor staffs can sometimes join, but there are restrictions on numbers that can be accepted from these latter 4 categories as there is an absolute requirement to maintain a service majority of members within the club. The club operates 7 days per week and offers superb facilities for those military personnel wishing to obtain their PPL and those with a PPL wishing to advance their skills. From Wyton, club members have flown to Majorca, Malta and the USA. In a weekend, you can fly to the Isle of Man, Stornaway, Inverness, down through the Great Glen to Oban, Carlisle and back to Wyton. Great experience, great scenery and a great tale to tell. France is just over an hour away with all it has to offer. Don't delay, join today. You will not regret it.

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