London Oxford Airport KIDLINGTON Oxfordshire OX5 1RA United Kingdom

Other information

Other information:

Qualifications taught: EASA PPL, LAPL, IMC, Night, Safety Pilot & AOPA Aerobatics
Cessna 152 (3)
Cessna 152 Tailwheel (1)
Cessna 172S (1)
PA28 140 (1)
PA28 160 (1)  
PA28 180 (3)
Slingsby T67 (1)  
PA32 Saratoga 6X (2)
BE76 Duchess Twin (1)
PA46 Malibu Matrix (fractiuonal ownership required) (1)

Aircraft hire without limits.......An exclusive private aviators club and training venue offering one to one instruction. FI's: 2 Full Time and 8 Part Time

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