Redhill (EGKR)
Redhill Aerodrome Redhill Surrey RH1 5JZ UK

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Other information

Other information:

 1981 Cessna C182R Skylane (G-KKTG) - Based Redhill (EGKR)

Completely new kit to IR spec.

Members wanted. Based Redhill £10,000 share.

£110 per month. £105 per hour wet (tbc)

For more details complete the Contact Form or phone

Phil Evans - 07981 744843

G-KKTG is a Cessna 182 model R with fixed gear. It was selected for ideal touring performance as it will take 4 persons + some baggage with full tanks.


  • take-off/land in 500 metres
  • cruise at 135kts with endurance of 7hrs+
  • Airframe - TTAF only 1589 hrs.
  • new leather seats/trim/carpets
  • good paintwork, and corrosion sealed
  • Engine - a TCM-Continental 0-470-U 230hp
  • TTE 1589hrs with overhauls in 1996 & 2016
  • The aircraft is equipped and the Aircraft Log certified for flights under IFR.
  • McCauley - variable-pitched propeller, just had a 6-year overhaul so TSO is 0 hrs.
  • Acquisition, overhaul and completion of re-registration by Cristal Air; Initial Annual; the 6-year prop overhaul; and a full CAA inspection for the UK Certificate of Airworthiness.
  • The main avionics and instrumentation have been completely rewired and updated to 2017/8 standards
  • Intercom = new 4-place Sigtronics SPA-400
  • Audio Panel = KMA24
  • GPS/Nav/Com = Garmin recertified GNS530 WAAS, 8.33, with subscription data-base updates
  • Nav/Com = new Garmin GNC255A, 8.33, and many new features
  • Transponder = new King KT74 with Mode-S and ADSB-out
  • DME = King KR62A
  • ADF = King KR85
  • 2 CDI's for VOR, ILS, and GPS
  • 2 Altimeters (one is United Instruments 5035P2 encoding altimeter)
  • Auto-pilot = Cessna fit ARC 330A Navomatic to follow headings from DI bug, VOR or GPS

TG Flying Group

The Group was founded about 20 years ago to operate a C172 owned by Rod Simpson, well-known author and aviation journalist, as the Trustee. The 5 current flying members have been together for 6-12 years; are mature, experienced pilots with current IR(r) ratings and are enthusiastic tourers - from Malta to Norway and all points in between. Group members often fly together on these trips. At least one member plans to use G-KKTG as a training platform to obtain his CB/IR rating at the Redhill based ATO. VAT & import duties have been paid to enable "Free Circulation within EU". In summer, it is parked on concrete pads outdoors; in winter, we pay extra for hangarage. Bookings are made on a web-based calendar.

The Group's Fair Use Policy is flexible and normally allows one 12 consecutive day trip per member pa. Monthly fees including landings at Redhill. There is a Group Constitution and a set of Group Aircraft Operating Notes.

Invitations for membership are extended to pilots with 150 hours flying experience and a minimum 100 hours as PIC.


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