Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence

The Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence came into effect in July 2012. It is aimed at people who wish to fly for personal/private use rather than as a stepping stone to a career in aviation.

The LAPL was a response to the more expensive nature of the EASA-regulated PPL and its associated medical requirements. Whilst such regulations may be appropriate for commercial aviation, they can impose a burden on recreational pilots. An LAPL holder is not required to undergo a medical examination by an Aviation Medical Examiner, his fitness to fly can be certified by GP's that are LAPL approved medical examiners. It is also possible to exercise LAPL privileges if you hold a PPL but have a (former UK) NPPL medical declaration rather than a Class 2 Medical Certificate. This makes the LAPL attractive to PPL holders who don't wish to fly outside its privileges and wish to reduce costs or who have difficulty in meeting aviation medical standards. 

The LAPL is limited to:

  • Day/night VFR (no instrument ratings can be added)
  • EASA-registered aircraft only
  • Flight in European airspace only
  • Aircraft up max weight 2MT
  • Maximum of 4 persons on board, including pilot
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