Help Wanted!

Much of what AOPA does relies on volunteers. We're a relatively small organisation with a big job to do and they are always welcome. You may have a pet project that you'd like to get under the AOPA banner, you may see something that needs doing and feel like getting stuck in, or you may want to organise a fly-in or social event.


If you would like to become involved in AOPA's work, or perhaps have an idea for a project then the Members Working Group is a great place to start. It meets around 4 times a year at or close to an airfield.

Writing for AOPA

We welcome articles and photographs contributed for the Magazine or the Website, or indeed for both. If you are interested please contact Ian Sheppard for the Magazine or Mick Elborn for the Website.

AOPA Regional Representatives

AOPA UK has a network of Regional Representatives to look after the interests of owners and pilots at the local / regional level. If we don't have a representative covering your aerodrome or area we'd be delighted to have a volunteer.

IT & Software

If you have skills in IT we'd welcome you on board. Administration of this Website as well as developing and maintaining the Membership Database are some of the key areas where you could help. Contact Mick Elborn for more information.

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