AOPA Lottery

For as little as £1 per month AOPA members have a chance of winning one of the three cash prizes available in the Prize fund.

50% of contributions are used to fund AOPA's work, which includes the ever increasing fight for your freedom to fly, development of programmes such as the Wings Scheme, Aerobatic and Ground Instructor courses and continuous improvement of the AOPA website which ensures that all our members are kept up to date on many GA related issues.

The other 50% of contributions goes towards the Lottery Prize Fund and the three prizes are distributed as follows:

First Prize - 50%

Second Prize - 35%

Third Prize - 15%

Only AOPA Members may participate in the Lottery with each 'Unique Number' purchased for £1. Tickets are not issued, in order to keep administrative costs to a minimum. The Prize Fund draw takes place monthly.

If you manage you bank account via the internet and can set up your own standing orders please complete this online form and we will  provide you with the information needed.

Otherwise, the Lottery Club application form can be downloaded here.

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