Route Selection

VFR Charts and Routes

UK VFR charts are published by NATS and are available from thepilotstore online , the AOPA pilot store in London and other Pilot Supply retailers . Available in 1:500,000 or 1:250,000 versions.

Common things to look out for when planning a route include:

  • Controlled airspace, ATZs and MATZs - Airspace infringements continue to be a problem. Tips for avoiding infringements may be found on the FlyOnTrack website.
  • Prohibited/Restricted/Danger airspace - Includes temporary probihited, restricted airspace and activated danger areas.
  • Terrain and tall obstacles
  • Other hazards - Includes gliding, parachuting, bird sanctuaries, high intensity military flying areas, high intensity radio, laser and gas venting sites.

IFR Charts and Routes

IFR charts are published by Aerad and Jeppesen, available from the providers mentioned at the top of this page.

IFR flights across the UK (along ATS routes within controlled airspace) and Europe are subject to hundreds of standard routes, temporary restrictions and conditions which change on a frequent basis. These rules need to be considered to create a route that is acceptable by Eurocontrol and consequently manually creating routes are almost always very time consuming. Fortunately some of the software listed below can help instantly create your route.

Route Planning Software

The following software can assist with your flight planning, reducing the time it takes for route planning and flight plan filing.

SkyDemon Light is a free online route planning tool for VFR pilots. A full version with wider coverage is available on subscription.
Air Nav Pro is a is a real-time aircraft moving map navigation application for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch for VFR pilots
EuroFPL is a IFR & VFR flight planning application with a route proposal mechanism for suggested routes
RocketRoute is an IFR & VFR flight planning application which automatically generates and files a route with Eurocontrol


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