CAP 747 - Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness

This CAP 747 is the means by which airworthiness requirements made mandatory by the CAA are notified; (pursuant to Article 19 of the Air Navigation Order 2009 as amended). This publication also identifies the sources for other requirements made mandatory for UK-registered aircraft subject to European legislation.

CAP 747 Section 1 General Information > Part 1 Introduction and Guide to Use > 1 Classification of aircraft as “EASA Aircraft” and “Non-EASA Aircraft” describes the process for identifying the applicable requirements.

CAP 747 Section 1 General Information > Part 2 Lists of Products, their Classification, and States of Design lists aircraft by classification;

  • E Aircraft classified as EASA aircraft;
  • N Aircraft notified by EASA as 'not transferred' and which remain subject to regulation under National Procedures;
  • A Aircraft classified as Annex II (non-EASA) aircraft.

 CAP 747 can be downloaded here.

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