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Running an aerodrome is not easy. Aerodromes are constantly under threat from planning issues. It may be the aerodrome itself that is threatened with redevelopment or it could be nearby development such as a wind farm or antenna mast. Applications for airspace restrictions from a regional airport may have a detrimental effect on an existing smaller aerodrome and the busineses that operate from it.

It is vital that AOPA UK members contact us at an early stage if problems are to be avoided.


The Airport Operators Association Website is a source of useful information for anyone operating an airfield or private strip.

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The documents listed on the left form a series of Advice Notes written jointly by the AOA and GAAC and supported by the CAA. The purpose of these is to inform those who are considering applying for Planning Permission, of the potential implications if the proposed development is located within the safeguarded area around an aerodrome or airfield.

The first Note in the series explains what safeguarding is, the process that will be followed, and highlights the relevant issues. The Later Notes in the series cover a number of the issues that will be addressed in the safeguarding of an aerodrome and provide some advice on how potential conflicts with safeguarding requirements can be overcome.


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