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Fact Sheet 3 Obstructions affecting Aerodromes


Fact Sheet 3 - Information needed if help sought for planning problems relating to physical obstructions

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has unique experience in handling planning or operational issues relating to small aerodromes and airstrips. However, we have no magic wand and the Association’s help can be effective only if:

1. We are approached immediately the situation is known. AND
2. Sufficient information is provided to enable us to put a meaningful case to the planning authority, developer etc as appropriate

One growing problem is a tendency for developers to build meteorological masts, wind turbines or other physical obstructions close to active flying sites. If you have such a threat that is likely to have an adverse effect on flight safety, please ensure that you send us this information:

1. The precise location and height(s) of the obstruction(s) in relation to your Airfield, with especial reference to approach/climb-out paths or circuit patterns, preferably with a layout plan.
2. The name, address, application reference number and person to contact at the local authority and/or developer, as appropriate, together with a time-scale if available.
3. Any particular information affecting safety, eg if the obstruction is resited a certain distance/in a certain direction the problem would be solved, or the present site would remove the only place to land in the event of engine failure after take-off etc
4. Any other relevant facts.

We are keen to help, but can do so only on flight safety grounds (not on visual amenity) and only if we have sufficient and accurate information on which to press the case. Brief first-aid assistance is available to anyone who is affected, but help beyond that is reserved for current members of AOPA UK. If appropriate, please join.

For initial contact please use the online contact form here. If you already have more detailed information that is best posted, please send it to AOPA UK, 50a Cambridge Street, London SW1A 4QQ.


David Ogilvy

June 2010


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