Fuel Discounts at Jersey & Guernsey

In Europe, only in the Channel Islands can you get duty and tax free fuel without an Air Operators Certificate and without filling in forms for a commercial flight rebate.

Besides the already duty and tax free fuel available at all the three CI airports, AOPA members can now claim an additional 5% discount in Jersey and in Guernsey on production of a current AOPA membership card.

Alderney do not offer an additional fuel discount for AOPA members, but their fuel prices are still much lower than in the UK or other European countries.

Jersey now also offers a "one stop shop" for GA aircraft, of less than 3 tonnes, at the Jersey Aero Club whereby the landing and their facility fee, as well as fuel uplifted can all be paid at the club situated right next to the GA parking area (free for up to 7 days). JAC staff is also available to help with hotel accommodation, rental car and taxi bookings. Engineering for G and N registered aircraft is available at VAT free prices.

Aircraft departing from the UK and going “foreign” to the CI can claim duty drawback on the full amount of fuel carried and bought in the UK since their last foreign flight.

All the Channel Islands welcome GA pilots and their passengers, preferably to stay for a holiday or even to just transit for refuelling. Duty and tax free alcohol and cigarettes are also available and can be ordered on landing to be ready on departure.

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