Instructor Liability Insurance



Covers legal liability arising out of the fault or negligence of an instructor in connection with them giving of advice, instruction, training or supervision given or provided by the insured as a flying instructor to a student under their supervision. Or if the policy extension is purchased also duties as a examiner.

• Does this insurance cover the bodily injury of the Instructor?  NO
• Does this policy cover damage caused to the aircraft by the Instructor? NO
• I’m an Instructor and Examiner, am I covered whilst acting as an examiner? NO, but you may extend cover to include insurance whilst performing your duties as a Flight Examiner.
• I’m a UK instructor but working abroad, am I covered?  No, but coverage may now be extended to include EASA Countries subject to completing the required registration process in each EASA Country
• Will my policy cover me whilst instructing outside of Europe? NO, but other countries may be considered (exc USA and Canada), please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions.

Definition of Student .

"student" shall mean any person undergoing either ab-initio training with a view to acquiring a pilot’s licence or a qualified pilot undergoing continuation training in order to acquire a or revalidate licence, certificate or rating which at the time of the accident he or she does not have or requires revalidation. Student shall also mean a pilot who holds a licence and is undergoing re-currency training or a check flight. It is understood that any person accompanying the Insured for the  purpose of training, tuition or supervision will record the flight as being Pilot under Training or Pilot under Supervision. 

Types of Aircraft Excluded

Instruction given in Balloons  and Microlights (microlights - all types as classified by Aviation Authorities) are Excluded Aircraft.  Aircraft designed to carry more than 7 passengers are also excluded


United Kingdom and additional Countries where agreed.

Limit of Liability

Limit of liability under this scheme is £1,000,000 any one accident

Flying Schools & Clubs

Instructors and Examiners may purchase a group policy; this policy will provide coverage ONLY whilst acting/working for the named club / school.   Polices will be in the name of the individual but may be administered by the club or school. RAF Flying Clubs/ Associations are classed as one club/organisation.
1 – 5 Instructors £195 per instructor + *10% IPT (£214.50)
6 – 10 Instructors £185 per instructor + *10% IPT (£203.50)
10 + Instructors £175 per instructor + *10% IPT (£192.50)

Premiums are annual and pro rata, subject to a minimum of £55 + *10% IPT (£60.50).
Instructors must be named but may be changed mid terms subject to prior advise to Heritage Insurance Solutions Ltd.
Changes are limited to 3 changes (1-5 band), 6 changes (6-10 band) and 10 changes (10+ band), after which each change is subject to a £25.00 + *10% IPT (£27.50) additional premium.

* IPT will be applied at the standard rate current at the time of purchase. 10% is the current standard 2016 rate at the time of publication of this information and the associated documentation.

For more details, including details of individual premiums and application form click here.

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