Corporate Membership

The Aircraft Owner and Pilots Association (AOPA) is the world’s largest and most influential aviation membership association representing General Aviation (GA), with national AOPA organisations in 72 Countries over 6 Continents.

Whilst each national AOPA is an independent organisation, they all belong to the International Council of Aircraft Owner and Pilot Organisations (IAOPA). IAOPA itself is organised into 5 Regions:

  • IAOPA Africa-Indian Ocean Region
  • IAOPA European Region
  • IAOPA North America Region
  • IAOPA South America Region
  • IAOPA Asian Region

Through IAOPA, AOPA UK has direct representation at:

  • ICAO, where aviation standards and recommended practices (SARPS) originate. IAOPA is the only GA Organisation with a permanent seat at ICAO.
  • EASA, where ICAO standards are turned into EU legislation. AOPA UK

AOPA UK is the trading name of The British Light Aviation Centre Limited, a Private Company limited by guarantee without share capital. It operates as a “Not for Commercial Gain” organisation and any profit made from our activities is re-invested in AOPA UK, not paid to shareholders.

In the UK, AOPA UK directly represents GA at Government and Regulatory levels, including the UK CAA where EASA legislation is interpreted for UK legislation or regulation.

No other UK GA Organisation has the level of direct reach that AOPA UK does.

By far the majority of our operating costs are met by membership fees, largely from individual members but also from a growing number of Businesses, Organisations or Groups with a GA interest and who see the benefit of AOPA UK’s work to their business or operation.

There is no obligation or compulsion to join AOPA UK, unlike some other aviation organisations and associations, yet all of GA benefits from the successes of AOPA UK engaging with and influencing Regulators, Politicians, Government Departments, Local Authorities, etc. Some of our achievements:

  • Had it not been for AOPA UK’s intervention the duty on AVGAS would be 50% greater than it is today, saving around 35p per litre
  • National Private Pilot’s Licence
  • There are no VFR navigation charges for private flights in aircraft of less than 2000 Kg
  • Successful pressure to slow down the introduction of 8.33 MHz radios and Mode S Transponders
  • Prevented the mandatory use of ELTs so that PLBs can be used instead
  • Strasser Scheme to waive landing fees for emergency diversions

Sometimes success is marked by “nothing happening”.  We are still working on:

  • Part M Lite - reduced cost maintenance regime for EASA aircraft
  • Minimising the regulatory burden on ATO’s and RTF’s.
  • IR(R), or equivalent, as an EASA Rating
  • Easier route to a full IR for Private Pilots
  • Self-handling
  • Ensuring GA is not overlooked in the Single European Sky Project
  • E-borders and any impact on GA
  • Planning guidelines making Aerodromes vulnerable to non-aviation development
  • Ensuring all regulation is proportionate and evidence based

and much more.

AOPA UK represents the whole of GA, not just a narrow sector to the detriment of other sectors.

GA operates in a highly regulated environment (sometimes over regulated). Regulatory changes are normally slow, working on a cycle of several years between proposal and implementation. Consequently many business plans are predicated on an expectation that there will be time to prepare for and implement any changes. It is effectively an Eco-system that has evolved in the “natural rhythms” of the regulatory environment. Many GA businesses cannot react to sudden rapid change to this environment.

Therefore, when changes are proposed to regulation or through sudden national variations (derogations) that are too rapid for GA business to adapt to, AOPA UK will, and does, raise concerns with the relevant parties. This may make us look as though we are anti-change, but this is not the case. We are as pro-change and relaxation of regulation that is harming GA as anyone, perhaps more so, but not if the overall impact on GA business has not been considered or assessed and unbalances the GA Eco-system.

General Aviation is Our Business – is it yours? If so, what could you gain from Corporate Membership of AOPA UK?

AOPA UK can provide support and representation for any business, organisation or group that is affected by regulation and has an interest in:

  • Flight Training
  • Aerodrome Operations – Management and/or Ownership; Private Strip to Licensed Aerodrome
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Hire

AOPA Corporate Membership offers:

  • The opportunity to bring your voice to rule making discussions
  • The opportunity to participate in relevant AOPA Working Groups or Committees that directly influence our responses to regulators
  • Access to AOPA UK contacts to help them resolve an issue affecting their business or membership as a whole.
  • Access to
    • UK Government Departments through AOPA UK
    • CAA and GA Committees through AOPA UK
    • EC and EASA through IAOPA
    • ICAO though IAOPA
  • Personal assistance and advice relating to your business or GA interests
  • Access to AOPA Aerobatics Certificate and RAD/NAV course material
  • Advice and support for planning issues affecting Aerodromes
  • Advice on regulations affecting your business
  • AOPA UK Wings Scheme (CAA PROUD endorsed)
  • AOPA UK Mentoring Scheme

AOPA UK is structured to allow you to be as involved as you want, through our influential working groups and committees, many of which are attended by the CAA and other relevant bodies.

Joining AOPA UK as a Corporate Member

Membership is offered on an annual basis. Note that Corporate Membership does not provide membership for individuals within the corporate body nor individual members or customers of that body.  

Why set up yet another representative body when AOPA can already provide full GA representation with access to all relevant bodies?

There are three levels of Corporate membership. The rates shown are for new members.

Associate Corporate

  • Sole trader.
  • Small business or partnership, with a maximum of two partners/employees
  • Flying Group that does not offer ab-initio training, max 3 aircraft (Note: It is the Group that is a member, not individuals. Only issues affecting the whole group may be raised.)
  • Aviation related Association (Note: It is the Association that is a member, not individuals. Only issues affecting the whole Association membership may be raised.)

2016 Membership Rate for is £275 (excluding AOPA Aerobatics Certificate training)
2016 Membership Rate is £285 (including AOPA Aerobatics Certificate training)

Full Corporate

All other GA businesses based at one location. (Note: It is the Business that is a member, not individuals. Only issues affecting the whole Business may be raised.)

2016 Membership Rate is £450 (excluding AOPA Aerobatics Certificate training)
2016 Membership Rate is £460 (including AOPA Aerobatics Certificate training)

Full Corporate Group

For GA businesses that operate from multiple locations contact AOPA with details for a quote.

Please contact us if you wish to enquire about becoming an AOPA Corporate Member.

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