AOPA Code of Practice for Maintenance and Repair

Light Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Commitment to Customer

One of the most regular requests AOPA UK gets from members is to resolve disputes between aircraft owners and maintainers. To improve co-operation it has started a Maintainers Working Group to discuss the most common issues that arise, and how they should be handled. The Working Group members have decided to draft a Code of Practice for Maintenance and Repair that they themselves will follow, and which could be recommended to other light aircraft maintainers. Many disputes arise from unrealistic expectations on the part of owners, and maintainers are concerned that the cost of EASA approvals, which they have to pass on, are resulting in new frictions. A common understanding prior to the commencement of work is desirable.

If your aircraft maintainer is not signed up to the AOPA Code of Practice ask why not! Be wary of any organisation that refuses to give any such, or similar, commitment to you as a Customer.

An aircraft owner who is a customer of a light aircraft maintenance organisation that subscribes to the AOPA Code of Practice for Maintenance and Repair is provided the following commitment:


AOPA Code of Practice for Maintenance and Repair

  • We will endeavour to contact you at least two weeks in advance of any scheduled maintenance due to fix a mutually acceptable time and date to receive your aircraft at our facility. 
  • A full explanation of any mandatory requirements ADs, SBs, etc. that you need to have carried out when your aircraft is with us, in addition to the routine scheduled work, will be given in detail.
  • Any additional work requested by you will be agreed at the time of booking.
  • Estimates and quotations can be provided upon request and before any work is carried out if required.
  • Accepted methods of payment will be confirmed prior to any work commencing. (For lengthy or expensive projects stage payments may be agreed)
  • We will agree with you the parts to be used. Should you wish to source and pay for parts directly this can be discussed and we may be able to agree, subject to the inclusion of a suitable administration fee to cover the approval of any necessary paperwork that you need to provide.
  • All parts supplied by us remain our property until we are in receipt of cleared funds.
  • Replaced parts will be made available to you for examination upon request. (Unless required for part exchange by our supplier.)
  • The quality of any subcontract work e.g.. avionics, weighing, welding etc. remains our responsibility unless purchased directly by yourself.
  • Any additional work found to be needed, during the maintenance procedure, will be advised to you in writing or by email, and will be required to be prior authorised by you, unless otherwise agreed. 
  • All elements of the work carried out will be explained in full upon collection/delivery.
  • Final invoicing will clearly show labour, parts, additional charges and VAT. Once our explanation of the work is complete payment is due upon collection/delivery, which should be within seven days. Thereafter, a daily storage charge may be raised.
  • Aircraft must have valid insurance whilst within our custody
  • We ensure that all our staff are competent to carry out the work within their responsibilities.
  • A competent member of staff will appropriately supervise trainees.
  • Appropriate equipment is used to carry out the work we undertake.
  • All work is carried out in strict accordance of the National Airworthiness Authority regulations appropriate to your aircraft.
  • In the event of a complaint our Chief Engineer or Accountable Manager should be informed immediately.

If you are a a maintainer and happy to indicate to a wider world that you are ‘signed up’ to the Code of Practice, then please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request, giving the following information :-

This statement (which you can copy and paste) :-

"Having read the Light Aircraft Maintenance Organisation Commitment to Customer that appears on the AOPA website, I am writing to confirm that our maintenance organisation agrees with the approach and that we will endeavour to work to these guidelines for all AOPA members who place the maintenance of their aircraft in our care.

We further agree that AOPA can list our company on the AOPA website and in other AOPA literature promoting the Commitment as a participating organisation until further notice."

Your Details:

  • Maintenance Organisation Name
  • Your Name
  • Your Position
  • Your full contact address

If you prefer to make your request by post, please send your letter to :-

         AOPA UK

         50a Cambridge Street


        SW1V 4QQ

You can view and download a sample request letter here.

All requests will be independently verified to ensure integrity. Once verified, the Organisation name will be added to the list on the AOPA website.

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