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AOPA is the trading name for the British Light Aviation Centre Ltd. The BLAC Ltd is a Company Limited by Guarantee and has a Board of Management that is responsible under the Companies Act 2008 for its viability, financial and otherwise, as laid down in the Memoranda and Articles of Association. These may be found on the Companies House website, or can be made available through the AOPA office.

AOPA UK Organisational Structure

BLAC Board of Management

The Board meets once a year to approve the draft financial accounts for the financial year that ends on the 31st March. Members of the Board must retire after a period of service of not more than 3 years, but may offer themselves for re-election at an AGM, at which new members of the Board may stand for election. The Board members typically number about 12, but cannot exceed 20.

The current Board Members are :-

George Done (Chairman)

Geoffrey Boot (Vice Chairman)                       
Mike Cross                                   
Mick Elborn
Richard Hawkin                               
Charles Henry
John Pett
Chris Royle
Pauline Vahey
John Walker
Nick Wilcock


  1. To satisfy the requirements of Companies House in relation to submission of annual returns, changes of directors and/or secretary, and change of registered office.
  2. To this end, the Board shall arrange an annual meeting of the Board to approve the year-end financial accounts, and also the AGM for members of AOPA, and any EGM that may be required.
  3. The Board may delegate its executive powers in relation to the management and operational requirements of AOPA to an Executive Committee, of which not less than half the membership shall consist of Board Members in accordance with Art. 51 of the BLAC Ltd Articles of Association.

Executive Committee

The executive responsibility for the practical organisation and operation of AOPA resides with the Executive Committee. This consists of AOPA members who have been invited to serve, but at least half of the membership must be from the Board. EC typically meets 3 or 4 times per year. There are subcommittees that report to EC through the respective Chairmen and by circulation of minutes of meetings. These are the AOPA Members Working Group, the Instructor Committee, the Maintenance Working Group and the Remuneration Committee. The Terms of Reference and membership of the Board and the EC are appended below. Those for the subcommittees appear under the respective headings under “About AOPA” and “Working Groups” on the AOPA website except for the Remuneration Committee which only reports internally due to the confidential and personal nature of its work.

Currently there are no co-opted members.


  1. The Executive Committee comprises the BLAC Ltd Board of Management and co-opted members whose particular expertise is of value to the committee.
  2. To further the aims and objectives of AOPA UK and IAOPA and to consider future strategy.
  3. To fulfil the management and operational requirements of AOPA and other such matters that the committee considers necessary.
  4. To receive and consider reports from the Chief Executive Officer.
  5. To receive and consider reports from the Instructor Committee, the Remuneration Committee, the AOPA Members Working Group, and the Maintenance Working Group and any other such Committee or Working Group as may be established.
  6. To receive and consider specialist reports from expert advisers and other sources in relation to areas of interest to AOPA.
  7. To receive and consider financial reports from the Company Accountant.
  8. To consider donations to good causes.
  9. To consider proposals for AOPA Awards.
  10. Not less than half the EC membership shall be members of the Board in accordance with Art. 51 of the BLAC Ltd Articles of Association.

In Attendance at EC

David Rawlings (Editor AOPA Magazine – occasionally)
Martin Robinson (CEO)
Gordon Train (Company Accountant and Secretary – as required)

President, Past President and Vice Presidents

The AOPA EC also elects Vice Presidents, a Past President and a President whom it considers to either be in a position of influence and authority of benefit to AOPA or who have served AOPA well for many years, typically as a Board member. The President, Past President and VPs play no direct part in the running of AOPA, but may be called upon to lobby on behalf of AOPA on rare but appropriate occasions. They are also entitled to attend EC if the agenda contains items of particular interest or otherwise to keep in touch with current and future plans and strategies.

President, Past President and Vice Presidents :-

Lord Stevens of Kirkwhelpington (President)
David Bywater
Pamela Campbell
Alan Croxford
David Ogilvy (Past President0
Michael Ryan
Cliff Spink
Charles Strasser
Jack Wells

AOPA Members Working Group

The Members Working Group offers a less formal opportunity for our members to participate in AOPA matters. You can read more about it here.

The Members Working Group also oversees the AOPA Regional Representatives and AOPA Mentoring schemes, which other further opportunity for members to participate in AOPA.

Maintenance Working Group

For members with an interest in Aircraft Maintenance, this working group provides an opportunity to influence Regulation. Read more here.

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