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Online GAR System

AOPA, continuing to work for you, member or not, has entered into an agreement with OnlineGAR to continue to offer a basic free service.

AOPA now offers this interface to the Official UK Border Force system, which  is operated by OnlineGAR Ltd , and use is subject to their Terms and Conditions. The AOPA sponsored basic service is free of charge to all Personal Users in a single engined piston powered fixed wing aircraft on private flights.

GARs submitted through the online web application will be automatically distributed to Border Force and the Police as appropriate. This does not include Airfields/Clubs/ATC/Handling Agents, etc.

For those that do not meet the terms of use for the free basic service, you can still submit a GAR free by emailing the Border Force Excel form to the National Co-ordination Unit (NCU). Full details here.

A submitted GAR does NOT provide PPR to an aerodrome where that is separately required NOR does it replace a Flight Plan.

UK General Aviation Reporting (GENDEC)

This FREE basic service , allows Personal Users in a piston powered aircraft to complete and submit a single GAR to the UK Border Force online system subject to the Terms and Conditions of OnlineGAR.

The service has been updated and now should work with any browser on any device.

First time users will need to Register at OnlineGAR and agree to Terms and Conditions to use the service.You will get a Registration acknowledgement Email from and need to confirm your email address to complete your registration and sign in.

While the service is FREE to use, whether you are a member of AOPA UK or not, it does cost to provide the service. If you appreciate the service please consider making a donation towards it :-

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Emergency General Aviation Report (GAR) Telephone Line (0845 723 1110) OR (SWITCHBOARD: 0300 123 2012) : If you need to submit or amend a GAR for Border Force purposes in an emergency situation, you may call the GAR Emergency Telephone Line on +44 (0) 845 723 1110 OR Switchboard: +44 (0) 300 123 2012 from abroad.

The emergency telephone line may only be used for a flight that is:

  • not required to report to the police under the Terrorism Act 2000; and
  • outside the GAR reporting timescales.

An emergency may be described as:

  • medical emergency of a pilot/passenger; or
  • air ambulance with critical passenger; or
  • other emergencies requiring a change to information contained within an already submitted GAR; or
  • last minute changes to a submitted GAR, only when changes to online version are not possible.

You are required to complete a GAR prior to your departure. 

This telephone line is strictly only for the purposes listed above. For all other GA enquiries please visit :

GAR Requirements :

GAR Form Submission Instructions may be read and downloaded here.

AOPA has published a guide on Flying Abroad which makes useful reading.

To have a smooth trip, AOPA Advice remains that you submit a GAR for all overseas flights which require a GAR and within the notification periods, regardless of whether the point of departure is a designated airfield or not. In order to have a confirmation receipt as evidence of your GAR submission you should use the online gar system, making sure that you provide a valid email address that has been correctly typed. We have seen a number of receipt bounces because the email address has typographical errors. If you email your GAR to the NCU email address you will not get a receipt and your only evidence of submission will be your email to the NCU and a copy of the GAR that was attached. The NCU do not guarantee any timescales on their part to enter your GAR details into their distribution system and so your information may not be known to local Border Force or Special Branch (Police) units at the time of you departure or arrival. AOPA suggest that if you use the NCU system you submit your GAR in advance of the minimum notification periods if possible.

If you have submitted a GAR but, for reasons of safety or emergency, you need to change your plans at short notice and cannot re-submit within the GAR notification periods (shown below) AOPA recommend that you attempt to contact the BF, SB and/or Airfield as relevant and explain your situation. Contact information for BF and Police can be found in the GAR Form submission Instructions .

Upon submission, the submitter will receive a confirmation code (which will also go to your email address). The confirmation code is proof of submission and can be used to cancel the GAR, if deemed necessary.

Notification periods for the GAR :

  • Outbound to EU countries (excluding Republic of Ireland) No GAR needed
  • Inbound from EU countries (excluding Republic of Ireland) – 4 hours prior to arrival
  • To/From the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man – 12 hours prior to departure/arrival
  • To/From other non-EU countries – 24 hours prior to departure/arrival

General Declarations (GENDEC's) to other Countries

Many countries require GENDEC's to be submitted either in advance or on arrival to the relevant Authority, normally Customs or Police. Sometimes these are only required at certain airports of arrival. We suggest that, if there are no sources of country specific GENDEC's, you take a printed copy of your UK GAR form. We are aware of the following online sources for GENDEC's (please let us know if you are aware of any others):

Alderney & Guernsey:



Netherlands :

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