CAP1038: CAA Check Flight Handbook.

The CAA have published CAP1038 CAA Check Flight Handbook to support Issue 8 of BCAR A.

The handbook covers:

  • The policy and background behind check flights
  • The purpose of check flights
  • When a check flight is necessary and who can perform it
  • Eligibility of pilots to carry out check flights
  • Insurance cover for check flights
  • Use of schedules currently or formerly published by the UK CAA
  • Procedural aspects and preparation for a check flight
  • Conduct of check flights on light aircraft
  • Conduct of check flights on vintage and ex-military aeroplanes
  • Conduct of check flights on light gyroplanes
  • Performance analysis fixed wing aircraft
  • Post flight procedures and performance analysis: rotorcraft
  • Post flight reporting
  • Guidelines on the experience requirements for pilots to be eligible for conducting check flights

However, it is not a stand-alone training document.



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