Glasgow Prestwick Airport Airspace Change Consultation

Glasgow Prestwick Airport is holding a 13-week consultation, starting on June 14 and ending on September 13, outlining potential departure and arrival routes.

The Airport is undergoing an Airspace Change Process due to the removal of old navigation aids as part of a national replacement programme.

Airports need to update their procedures to be compatible with new, state of the art satellite-based systems.

The navigation aids that assist aircraft to fly in and out of Glasgow Prestwick Airport are due to be taken out of service in 2018, and in preparation for this, we need to design upgraded routes to meet this date.

Our intention is to replicate the existing conventional routes as closely as possible, however, some changes are required to meet the more modern design criteria.

We are also taking the opportunity to future-proof our airspace to ensure it will accommodate growth and development whilst also looking for improvements relating to noise impact or environmental efficiency.

An online response form is available on the website.

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