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AOPA is the world’s largest, most influential aviation membership association. It has achieved its prominent position through effective advocacy, technical competence, and hard work. Providing member services that range from representation at the local, National, European and World levels to advice, and other assistance, AOPA is the only organisation that you need - Pilot or Owner.

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AOPA Offers Individual Membership to:

  • Pilots
  • Pilot/Owners
  • Instructors
  • Student Pilots
  • Non-Flying Individuals (Associate Membership)



1. Why Should I Join AOPA UK?

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General aviation today continues to face complex issues that could impact its activity.

AOPA represents and promotes members interests to the Government, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA), EU Commission, Eurocontrol and National Air Traffic Services (NATS). 

IAOPA Europe speaks for all European AOPA's. Its voice is strong and its views are respected. AOPA transcends sectorial interests to speak for the whole of GA. No other UK GA Organisation has this level of access.

Effective lobbying is very expensive, and becoming increasingly so. Current membership fees, both Individual and Corporate, go a long way to meeting these costs, but we are fighting against the current rising costs and increasing regulatory change proposals that have to be covered from the earliest proposal to the final implementation and review.

It would be a shame if we had to "ration" our limited resources and fail to effectively consider and respond to change, missing a vital change that is wormed in at a late stage in consultation.

Membership of AOPA will help us to keep working to:

  •  Protect your pilot privileges
  •  Preserve your freedom to fly
  •  Combat increases in your costs
  •  Remove unnecessary regulations and restrictions
  •  Improve aviation safety
  •  Protect aerodromes
  •  Fight for your rights
  •  Improve General Aviation's image and awareness
  •  Make our members better pilots

AOPA's work benefits ALL of GA regardless of whether or not you are a member. There is estimated to be 15,000 GA Pilot Licence holders in the UK, yet there is only a core AOPA UK membership of around 3,200 members. By joining, you will help AOPA support GA. 

We publish most of the work we have been doing through our Aircaft Owner & Pilot Magazine.

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2. Will I Get Value for Money from AOPA UK?

Definitely. AOPA has been involved in a number of fronts, which has delivered you substantial savings in your flying, including:


  • AOPA UK successfully lobbied the UK Government, when it was being forced to add tax to AVGAS, by getting it treated as a special fuel with a lower level of duty. 
  • As of 2012 the current rate of duty(+vat) on AVGAS is about 48p per litre. On MOGAS it is about 73p. A saving of 35%!
  • So if your AVGAS engine consumes fuel at 30 litres an hour you save almost £7.50 per hour. At 50 litres an hour you save around £12.50 per hour.
  • Multiply that by the hours you fly per year and perhaps you might share some of your savings with AOPA UK by becoming a member.

 We may have to fight this battle again

2. Air Traffic Services

  • The corporate airlines regularly gang up on GA and lobby for more charges to be placed on GA on the basis that GA is being subsidised by them.
  • Consequently, there was a real threat that all GA traffic across Europe would be hit by en-route Air Traffic Service charges.
  • AOPA lobbied against this and our argument was accepted. As a result NO en-route Air Traffic Service charges are applied to aircraft below 2000 Kg.
  • AOPA has saved you at least £10 per hour for en-route charges.
  • Multiply that by the hours you fly per year and perhaps you might share some of your savings with AOPA UK by becoming a member.

We may have to fight this battle again.



  • AOPA, in partnership with the LAA, BMAA and BGA, lobbied for a lower cost National UK licence that would allow pilots to hold a limited privileges licence with less onerous training and medical requirements, or allow existing licence holders to continue to fly if they could no longer meet stricter medical conditions or had no continued need for a full licence.
  • The CAA listened, agreed and the UK NPPL was born.
  • Since introduction, the NPPL has formed the basis for the creation of the European-wide Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence.

4. Aviation Radio Frequencies

  •  AOPA UK lobbied hard against OFCOM when, on behalf of the Government, it sought to tax the internationally agreed Aviation spectrum used in UK airspace by UK based operators.
  • In the face of a cash strapped Government it was next to impossible to get the proposal dropped entirely.
  • After several iterations, the final Aviation Spectrum charging to be implemented is at a substantially lower level of Tax than originally proposed.

 AOPA is not resting on this. When 8.33 MHz channel spacing is fully implemented the Aviation spectrum will be operating at optimum efficiency. At this point we will lobby OFCOM again to remove the Tax as no further efficiency can be made. We will need funding to do this.

5. The UK IMC Rating

  • AOPA UK saw a serious safety need for an achievable IMC Rating for PPL's and developed the case, lobbied the UK CAA and had the Rating sucessfully introduced some 40 Years ago
  • Since then, thousands of UK PPL holders, and indeed some European PPL holders, have achieved and maintained the rating and flown safely, within the intended limits of the rating, in UK airspace thanks to AOPA UK.
  • AOPA UK successfully lobbied the CAA for a solution to have the IMC Rating, which EASA will not recognise, retained for UK use
  • We need support from our existing and new members to see this through

This is a clear example of AOPA UK being stretched beyond its resource capability. When EASA constructed FCL.008, the committee looking at issues including an achievable PPL IR and "sub-IR" such as the UK IMC Rating, AOPA UK were fully committed to other equally important EASA committees aiming to force change on us and trusted others to represent us and the IMCr. Had we had a larger membership we could have afforded more resource and would have pushed for our own seat on the FCL.008 committee and could have spent more time hands-on the process.    

6. Providing Flight Instructor Support

  • As an Instructor Member of AOPA UK you will be able to access the all Individual Member services below.
  • Through our specialist Aviation Insurance Partners, Insure Aircraft, you will have access to Instructor Liability Insurance.
  • You will be entitiled to a discount, currently £50 (including VAT), from the organisers of AOPA Instructor Seminars.
  • You will have access to the AOPA Instructor Committee members for specialist Instructor related advice or to raise issues.   
  • AOPA UK will continue to lobby at all levels to preserve and improve the role of Flight Instructors and associated ratings.

AOPA UK were fully involved in the debate that led to the CAA allowing ab-initio Flight Instruction to be conducted at unlicensed airfields. The EU, under the auspices of EASA, are considering accepting ICAO Regulations as European Regulations, which would currently mean that unlicensed airfields could not be used for ab-initio flight training again. AOPA UK will need to fight this through its' lobbying activities, which costs money.   

In addition, AOPA members can take advantage of fuel discounts, pilot supply discounts  and  hotel discounts . Keep a watch for other offers.



3. What Services will I get from AOPA UK?

1. Support for Members facing GA Related Prosecution

Support and Advice to Pilot, Instructor and Student Members facing prosecution in relation to their flying actvities : 

  • Advice from AOPA UK CEO (or other appropriate person) on preparing your response
  • AOPA will accompany you at any CAA hearings
  • AOPA will support you to a conclusion of the proceedings
  • If AOPA is unable to fulfil the above in your case you will be given the full reasons why

AOPA UK receives about 1 case per week, of which around 7 out of 10 are successfully dealt with without getting to court.

2. Advice on Aircraft Ownership & Maintenance

Advice to Pilot, Instructor and Student Members on Aircraft Ownership and Maintenance :

  • AOPA provides unbiased advice on Aircraft Ownership and Regulations
  • AOPA will help with aircraft maintenance disputes and can mediate in an attempt to seek resolution
  • AOPA will reflect back to the regulatory authorities any relevant issues on your behalf
  • AOPA runs a Maintainers Working Group and can take your issues to this group

AOPA UK lobbied EASA hard for a review of Part M regulations, taking the view that these were being applied out of proportion to the GA fleet. We have been successful and a review is now under way. AOPA UK is following this through to a conclusion funded by our membership fees.

3. Advice on Personal Aviation Medical Issues

Advice to Pilot, Instructor and Student Members on Personal Aviation Medical issues :

  • AOPA gives members unbiased professional advice on personal aviation medical issues or questions
  • If necessary, your issue will be referred to our medical expert for a personal response
  • AOPA will support you to a resolution of your issues, including any contact with the UK CAA

4. Advice on Issues with a UK Flying School

Advice to Pilot, Instructor and Student Members on Issues with a UK Flying School :

  • If you have an issue with your UK flying school or flight training organisation, AOPA will provide support to its flying members
  • AOPA will refer your issues to one of our experts as relevant
  • AOPA will support you to a resolution of your issues, including any contact with the UK CAA and/or the organisation in question
  • If required, AOPA will pay for up to 20 minutes of legal advice

Many UK flying schools and flight training organisations are Corporate Members of AOPA UK who are expected to maintain high professional standards and give excellent customer care. We expect it to be less likely that there will be issues with our Corporate Members, though we will still pursue your case with any such Corporate Member.

AOPA UK - With you for your Flying Life

Beyond the excellent membership benefits above, AOPA UK also provides many ways to help you get enjoyment from your Flying :-

  • AOPA Mentoring Scheme
  • AOPA Wings Award Scheme
  • AOPA Aerobatics Training
  • AOPA Flying Companions Course
  • AOPA Radio Navigation Course
  • AOPA Instructor Seminars

You can find full details of these on this website.

Additionally, AOPA UK is largely run by volunteers who give their time freely to benefit all of us. You can help out on many ways, as a Regional Representative, AOPA Mentor, Members Working Group Member, Maintainers Working Group Member. Again, you can find details on this website.

You will also receive 6 printed copies of our Aircraft Owner & Pilot Magazine each year of your membership and have access to an electronic flip page version. You will also receive our Enewsletter by email, which is published in between magazine issues to provide a focus on the latest UK news items.

Already an AOPA US member?

Being a member of US AOPA and receiving their magazine "AOPA Pilot" does not make you a member of AOPA UK. Your AOPA US membership cannot help you with UK and European issues or provide you with any of the services listed above.

Ready to Join?

Student Membership :

Student Membership is available for up to 2 Years for Student Pilots, subject to payment of a £20 Registration fee to cover administration costs. This fee will be refunded in full against the purchase of Pilot or Instructor Membership for you on expiry of your Student Membership, using the online Expired Student Membership Upgrade option to make your purchase. NOTE: Associate Membership does not apply. To qualify for AOPA UK Student Membership you :-

  • must have a valid UK postal address
  • must fully complete the application details
  • must not have held an AOPA UK Student Membership before
  • must be undertaking a recognised flight training course for a Pliots licence at a registered UK based Flight Training Organisation
  • do not hold, or have not held, a Pilot licence issued by any National Authority

Student Membership is valid for 2 Years from the date of joining or until issue of a Pilot Licence, whichever is the earlier, at which point you will need to purchase Pilot or Instructor Membership, using the online Expired Student Membership Upgrade option, to continue to receive the full benefits of AOPA UK membership and be refunded.

Individual Membership Rates :


1 Year

2 Year
Pilot/Instructor with
AirCrew Card

1 Year

Student Admin Fee
2016 £95 £222 £60 £20
2017 £95 £222 £60 £20

As a member of the GA community, whether Pilot, Aircraft Owner, Maintainer, Flying School, Airfield Manager, etc, you can help by joining AOPA now. If you are a member, or are joining, and know a Pilot friend who is not a member please make them aware of AOPA and point them to this website.

It is a simple equation, the more members we have to share the cost of running AOPA UK the lower the individual burden. AOPA UK remains a "not for profit" company and the only shareholders are our members.

Note that Associate members do not receive the services listed in 3 above.

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