Campaigns and Consultations

This section highlights some of the issues on which AOPA UK is currently campaigning.

Most of this work is carried out invisibly, largely around meeting tables, and may take many years to achieve a satisfactory result. Often, campaigns are borne out of what appears to an insignificant set of words buried in reams of "official speak", spotted and understood as a potential threat to General Aviation, or at other times by the implementing actions of Authorities.

It only scratches the surface, our work is a mixture of day to day liaison with regulators, parliamentarians and officials where we seek to influence and lessen the burdens placed on General Aviation.

AOPA believes that it has a significant and positive success rate worldwide, to the benefit of all parties with an interest in General Aviation, regardless of whether they are members of AOPA or not.

More information on AOPA's ongoing work with campaigning and consultations can be found through the GA Magazine.

United Front on the N-register

Three of the strongest general aviation advocacy groups in Europe have joined forces to oppose EASA’s plans to make it illegal to fly in Europe on a third-country licence for more than a year.

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Access to Airports, Security and Training

These issues are at the forefront of GA struggle in Europe. While some of these issues affect European member states more than others, sustaining unhindered access for GA aircraft to the continent's plethora of airports is the most widespread and contentious issue for the community.

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Qualifications for Flying in IMC

The existing requirements for the JAA Instrument Rating have been too demanding for the general aviation pilot.

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GA Charges in Europe

The videos below were produced by AOPA US as part of their campaign to fight the introduction of "European Style" charges to the US.

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