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Biggin Hill (EGKB)
Biggin Hill Airport
Biggin Hill
Bromley Kent TN16 3BH UK
Phone: 0207 564 5461

Biggin Hill based Liberty XL-2 - Share for Sale

Biggin Hill Group Looking For New Member.

This very comfortable 2 seat touring aeroplane, N518XL, is hangared, and is equipped with complete IFR fit (Garmin 530, 2nd nav/comm, Mode S transponder, DME & 2nd Altimeter).

The Liberty XL-2 is a state-of-the-art aeroplane with FADEC engine control and 115 kias cruise at 6.0 US galls/hr. £160/month and £80/hr wet. Excellent availability via internet booking system.

Further details and demo flight available on request.

FAA licence required for flights outside UK, as aircraft is currently on the NRegister.
(With a JAA/EASA licence, acquiring an FAA licence is possible without a skill test or exams.)

Trial period possible.

Ideal candidate will have 200+ hrs.

For further details, contact Bill Roberts by email using the contact form or call on:  0207 564 5461

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