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Issuing Permits for EASA Enduring Permit aircraft

Issuing Permits for EASA Enduring Permit aircraft

Further to discussions between the AOPA Maintenance Working Group and the CAA, we have had the following position statement from the CAA in respect of EASA Permit Aircraft:

"We have been assessing our policies this week on how things like Permits and CofA’s can be facilitated whilst CAA staff remain on lockdown and there is progress in the specific area of EASA enduring permits to fly which ordinarily require surveyor involvement and physical survey.

We have today revised our current procedure for this activity (as hopefully a precursor to the more permanent arrangement in due course via the work within our GA Change Programme) and now we can exercise one of three approaches:

  1. We assess the application as a desktop exercise and remotely issue the Permit to Fly or,
  2. Same as above but with the caveat that we will retrospectively survey the aeroplane when restrictions are lifted or,
  3. We reserve the right to wait until we can survey as we may have concerns that we cannot address until we see the aeroplane

It is sincerely hoped that option 3 will only happen on a very rare occasion when the CAA feel there is a safety reason for us not to proceed.

Overarching all the 3 approaches above is the fact that we will also seek to understand the need for renewal during this time of a preclusion of GA flying as per the current government guidelines and unless there are exceptional circumstances then we may defer until such time as restrictions are eased."

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