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AOPA Business Information

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) UK is the trading name of the British Light Aviation Centre (BLAC) Ltd, a not for profit organisation limited by guarantee and registered in England with Company Number 874355.

In this section we provide information related to AOPA UK.

The Remuneration Committee is an internal Committee to determine the level of Staff Salaries, Pensions, Bonuses and any increases.

Each of the other Committees and Working Groups have specific terms of reference. Each are designed to provide Members with a means to be involved with AOPA.

Committees also provide a platform to invite non-member guests to meetings, e.g. CAA Staff, Aircraft Maintainers , where their presence will be beneficial.

Membership of the Executive Committee is by Invitation from the Chairman, and normally drawn from members of the Committees and Working Groups who have displayed their commitment to AOPA. All Board Members are also members of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee members may attend Board Meetings but cannot vote.

All other Committees and Working Groups are open to AOPA Members on request or by invitation.

AOPA UK is a trading name of British Light Aviation Centre Ltd, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

Click here for the latest set of published accounts for the British Light Aviation Centre Ltd.

All Members can help by raising awareness of AOPA UK with fellow pilots who are not members, and encourage them to join as they are the majority yet benefit from the lobbying work done by AOPA UK and funded by the minority of pilots who are members.

Minutes of the 50th Annual General Meeting of the British Light Aviation Centre Limited trading as the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association held at AOPA, 50a Cambridge Street, London SW1V 4QQ on Thursday 8 September 2016.


George Done (GD) (Chairman), Richard Brooks (RB), Bob Darby (BD), Richard Hawkin (RH), Charles Henry (CH), David Kryl (DK), John Pett (JP), Martin Robinson (MR) (Chief Executive AOPA UK), Chris Royle (CR), Gordon Train (GT) (Company Accountant), Pauline Vahey (PV), John Walker (JW), Nick Wilcock (NW) Neil Monks (NM) (Meeting Secretary).


Apologies for absence were received from Geoffrey Boot (GB), Suzie Boot (SB), Alan Croxford (AC), Mike Croft (MC), Mick Elborn (ME).


Minutes of the Meeting were accepted as a true record of proceedings. This was proposed by CH, seconded by JP and carried.


Copies of the Directors’ Report and Financial Statements were made available to all present.

GT gave the meeting a detailed explanation of the accounts.

The financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2016 reveal a deficit of £69,830. There had been essential and substantial internal and external building work at 50a Cambridge Street in the year at a total cost of £25,270.

Further building maintenance expenditure on the Cambridge Street premises was likely to arise in the current financial year.

The Directors also made a provision against the loan to the company’s subsidiary AOPA (UK) Ltd in the sum of £25,363. The provision represents 50% of the loan, less the net assets of AOPA (UK) Ltd as at 31 March 2016.

The recoverability of the loan will be kept under review in subsequent periods. The deficit for the year, excluding the two items noted above was £20,000, which is comparable with previous years.

It was noted that the balance sheet total has fallen to £89,327 as at 31 March 2016, but the freehold building is included at cost (less depreciation) of £37,584. The cash balances at 31 March 2016 were £120,652.

These balances have fallen considerably over recent years as a result of continuing deficits and the funding of AOPA (UK) Ltd.

It was noted that if the company continues to accumulate deficits the point will come when there are insufficient cash reserves to fund the company’s operations.

The Directors are seeking ways to improve income and reduce costs, wherever possible.

GT advised that the financial reports for the year had been examined and fully approved by the Auditors.

Acceptance of the financial statements as a true and accurate record was proposed by PV, seconded by CR and carried unanimously.


The following Directors were due to retire by rotation – Mike Cross, George Done, Richard Hawkin, and John Walker. As all four Directors had offered themselves for re-election, it was proposed by JP and seconded by PV that a ‘block’ vote to cover all four candidates for re-election should be allowed rather than voting on and individual basis. This proposal was carried unanimously.

It was therefore proposed by CR and seconded by NW that all four candidates be re-elected ‘en-bloc’ and this proposal was carried unanimously.


The re-appointment of Messrs Waller & Byford was proposed by CR, seconded by RH and supported unanimously.

PV advised that as BLAC is a membership association, auditing is always undertaken over and above the requirements of Companies House and the law, as all our dealings need to be transparent to our members.


There being no further business, the Chairman thanked the attendees to the AGM for their attendance and closed the meeting at 1435 hrs.

AOPA 2016 AGM, 8th September 2016

Chairman’s Review of the Year

Provided in this review are brief details of some of the activities and other aspects in respect of running AOPA as a business, and as an association providing a value-for-money service to its members.


Membership subscriptions continue to provide the bulk of AOPA’s net income, the pilot category contributing the largest proportion. However, the small but steady decline over the past 10 years places membership considerations as a permanent item on the Executive Committee agenda. The CAA has recorded a somewhat steeper decline in the number of new PPLs and NPPLs over the same period, providing  relevant background to the wider situation.


The largest proportion of administrative expenditure is on salaries and pension for our permanent staff. We have an extremely dedicated team committed to working together to deliver an efficient service to members. Pamela Stephenson and Neil Monks work part-time, Mandy Nelson being full-time. Lynne Knowles, who looked after membership subscriptions with complete dedication, decided to retire at the end of 2015, and we wish her well. We will miss her special talents. We welcome Alina who has, as yet, only been with us a short time. Leading the team is Martin Robinson, our CEO, whose tremendous range of activities is well publicised through “Chief Executive’s Diary” in our magazine, the Aircraft Owner and Pilot expertly edited by AOPA member Ian Sheppard.

Specialist support from the membership

The magazine carries reports of AOPA’s activity on behalf of its members over many areas - from active liaison with “grass roots” members through to the corporates, and including flight instruction, licensing matters, aircraft maintenance, and management of the BLAC by the Executive Committee and the Board. Attendance on external committees is also important in contributing to the future viabilty of general aviation. These include IAOPA Europe and IAOPA  and several EASA workshops and subcommittees. Attending, and in some cases, chairing, these committees rests with many dedicated volunteers, to numerous to name in this short review, but they all know who they are!

50a Cambridge Street

AOPA’s headquarters building at 50a Cambridge Street has been subject to much needed renovation and improvement, both inside and out. Some long standing problems have been addressed, not the least being provision of a decent washroom and toilet! The external improvement to the building is clearly visible to visitors. The investment in the Pilot Store shop on the ground floor provides a significant benefit to members, the revenue from which will help support the association in the future. Needless to say, however, we are extremely fortunate to be in a position of owning a building that constitutes a considerable financial asset.

In conclusion

As Chairman of an association of an extremely supportive membership, backed by a strong and dedicated team of staff and volunteers, I wish to express my sincere thanks to all.

George Done

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