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caa logo dev3 thumb CAA Skywise TrainingCom Autumn 2017

The CAA have published CAP 1597 - TrainingCom Autumn 2017, which provides news and advice for the training professional, through the SkyWise service.

This publication includes items on the following subjects:

  • Controlled Airspace Infringements
  • Stalling - update to clear up any confusion
  • Guidance on the number of stalls to be covered on the SE(A) ST/PC
  • Booking skill tests for commercial pilot licence or instrument rating
  • Use of GPS during VFR navigation training
  • Dual flight with an instructor
  • Assessment of the ME engine failure after take off (EFATO)
  • Instructor assessment of competences
  • Unanounced CAA flight examiner visits
  • Skyway Code




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