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Fairoaks Aiport
Woking Surrey GU24 8HU United Kingdom

Aircraft :-  Piper Warrior (3), Aero AT3 (1), Pitts (1)

Membership of London Transport Flying Club is open to all. You don't have to be a bus driver - these days LTFC has members from all kinds of backgrounds. We welcome people who want to be part of a club, rather than a company run school - that means that in return for low cost flying, members are expected to join in where they can - bring whatever outside skills they have, or just sweep the floor now and then. There are no employees, so the bins don't get emptied unless we do it.

Though LTFC is primarily a club, there's training on all the aircraft, with PPL, NPPL, and IMC instruction available.

Aerobatic instruction and experience flights are carried out in the Pitts Special - see the details at


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