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Goodwood Aerodrome (EGHR)
Chichester/Goodwood Airport Chichester PO18 0PH UK

Mobile: 07770 794350

1956 Piaggio Focke Wulf P149D D-EOAJ S/N 28 - 1/7th share £8,000 ONO

Friendly, knowledgeable, responsible group. Excellent availability. Hangared Goodwood

£150/month. £120/hr wet plus £10 per landing.

1/7th share offered at £8,000 ONO.

Aerobatic +6g -3g, 4 seats, 125kt cruise, 450nm range

Lycoming GO-480 270 HP, 3 new propeller blades,  new CSU

Retractable undercarriage, Cleveland wheels and brakes, Mode S

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