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Divided we stand, united we .....

ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation) defines General Aviation as “an aircraft operation other than a commercial air transport operation or an aerial work operation” yet most people think about GA as small, single engine propelled aircraft, when in fact it is much more.

When you look at aerial work operations, for example many of them use typical GA airframes. Over the last 25 years, we have seen through the JAA (Joint Aviation Safety Agency) and latterly EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) the volume of regulation increase- But the main focus of these regulations is to protect the non-involved 3rd parties.

But all of this in my view, went too far and so it is good to see that EASA, through its GA road map, is seeking to re-balance GA and slow down the spiral decent the industry appears to be.

Simpler, better, lighter regulation is the EASA goal, but we also need to bring costs down too! The ‘new’ Basic Regulation when it finally arrives sets out in article 4 the need for regulations to be proportionate to the risks of the activity- and as we know the UK CAA is moving to a performance based oversight (PBO) system which is ……. a risk based system.

All good news- however I still feel that we need to work on mediating the total volume of rules that you think should be made redundant. I would like to hear from you ( quote the rule and the reason why you think it sould be made redundant or a suggestion for a replacement.

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