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Another Busy Period For The Association

One of the privileges of my job is I get to meet many members, particularly at events like Aero Expo. I was surprised when a pilot came to the stand and said, “I would join AOPA, but it doesn’t do anything”. Thinking about that comment, I wondered why he thought that? I mean we have the excellent magazine, website, Facebook,
Twitter etc. so it cannot be we are lacking on communication! So I am interested to hear from members about where you think we could do more to  promote the Association.

The primary role of the Association is to give GA a voice in areas of government that matter, and help in the safe development of piloting GA aircraft. AOPA provides assistance to individual members if and when the need arises and there are always
a number of pilots who need our assistance for whatever reason. And AOPA supports in kind and financially other bodies like GASCO, FASVIG and GAAC where we feel its important to have a collective GA voice.

AOPA has a team dedicated to serving the membership. The results of consultations and meetings are only as good as the level of advocacy AOPA can provide. Your subscription allows us to speak for our members but, sadly, too few pilots appreciate why there is a need for a strong voice yet are happy to benefit from the results. Whilst I would like more pilots to join AOPA, the fact is you should join any association that meets your needs. So if you know pilots who don't contribute to associations, have a word.


AeroExpo UK. Let me start by saying congratulations to Alex Ayling of Aero Expo for running a well organised event. Alex, John and his team work hard to make sure our industry has a showcase event and AOPA is committed to supporting the show next year.

Next let me thank Jeppesen for the remarkable support they give us and I can mention Cay Roth and Reggie Arsenault – thanks guys, we really value the relationship.

It was great to greet new members and see old friends in the marquee. If you enjoyed it, or not, please let us know. It can help us make improvements for next year (


Had a meeting with the CAA to discussthe proposal for developing LPV Approaches at Haverford West. Philip Church and Ken Ashton are AOPA's
technical experts. The meeting was conducted in a professional/friendly manner and I thank the CAA for their constructive inputs.


There was the meeting of the AOPA Training Committee; all of its members are volunteers.The Committee is chaired by Ian Marshall, a highly experienced examiner, instructor and airline pilot. If you feel you’d like to make a contribution to furthering the quality of flight training or want to raise an issue related to instructing or training, email – all contributions are welcome!


Attended the CAA Finance Advisory Committee. The CAA is running a tight budget – they are trying to transform their business processes. It's like doing ship repairs without going into dry dock!

The 6% rate of interest on deployed capital has been reduced to 3.5%, in line with other government bodies. However, as the CAA rarely achieved 6%, I do not think we will notice any difference or changes but the principle in changing was the right thing to do.


Members Working Group (MWG) meeting in Wellesbourne. A good turnout given the weather. As a result of the discussion, AOPA will move to fly-in events. If you’d like to  host one, please let me know.


Attended the BBGA/CAA PBO (Performance Based Oversight) meeting. The CAA is transitioning to a performance-related safety oversight system for all involved in regulated aviation. I am not convinced PBO is the way forward for small entities, and
I wonder if a CBO (Compliance Based Oversight) system would be more straightforward. The idea being that the entity is audited with respect to the
regulations relating to their activity. So if the rules are established to deliver a set of safety outcomes, and the entity complies, then safety should prevail.


Made a visit to Elstree to chat to Mike Murphy the manager, who is doing great things, including the possibility of new hangars. Without people like Mike, GA wouldn’t have the facilities it needs. Thanks Tony for lunch!


Met with Douglas Cairns from the “Pilots with Diabetes” group for an update on the Class 1 Medical issue. We should also recognise the efforts of the CAA’s CMO Dr Sally Evans, who has been leading from the front on this subject – more to follow!


Teleconference with Philip Church, Michael Erb and myself about our next involvement with SESAR – Europe's next gen of ATM.


AOPA Board/Executive Committee meeting when we discuss many of the issues contained in the magazine.

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