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Ground Handling - 1996 EU Directive UK (96/67/EC) and the 1997 Airports (Ground Handling) Regulation.

In December of 2011 the EU commission published a proposal for the regulation of ground handling services. Debate after debate has led to a situation where today the proposal is still stalled. This means the 1996 directive is still the current ‘regulatory’ means of dealing with ground handling.

Article 7 of the directive speaks of the freedom to self-handle but it is far less simple than the words imply. AOPA would like to hear from you if you think GA non-revenue earning should be allowed to self-handle and if you think the current fees that are applied need to be more proportionate to the kind of operation.

Also tell us if you think the CAA should intervene and regulate those fees - If you have any stories to share please do---- at

Some regional airports would like to see GA back so maybe they should be looking at their pricing. This issue is of concern to AOPA as it relates to regional access at a proportionate price for non-revenue earning GA (i.e. private flights) AOPA thinks that the way to do this is to give GA the ability to self-handle.


See the full directive here.

The CAA have a Ground Handling Webpage here.

The CAA have also published CAP1358 on this subject.

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