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8.33 kHz Rebate

I still get questions from members on the subject of 8.33 kHz spacing. Clearly a subject that has caused much angst among GA pilots. AOPA has opposed the introduction of 8.33 kHz spacing in all airspace for over 20 years and still does not agree that it is needed, both in respect of available frequencies and also the unnecessary cost to GA. However, GA has lost the argument to the airline industry and ANSP's. Ironically, the a number of the States whose experts said we need 8.33 kHz have now asked for extensions to the deadlines! In the UK the dates have been set and will not be extended. In respect of costs, I was aware of the possibility of some funding so I approached the CAA and asked them to apply which they did. They were successful in obtaining funds but the rules of the fund mean the 20% is only applicable to the equipment cost - that’s the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) fund rules and not the CAA or UK. I have been asked why the rebate does not cover installation costs, this is why. The UK DfT etc would not fund such a programme and even when other European states applied they were rejected which means that GA pilots in other places will have to pay the entire cost whereas the UK at least got 20% as a small rebate.

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