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AOPA is aware that many GA businesses are concerned about the lack of information with regards to the future of the aviation relationship with Europe; for example will UK schools still be able to teach other EU citizens for the purpose of gaining an EASA Pilots licence or will the UK become like the USA where schools would need to apply directly to EASA for approval?

Below is the current position on BREXIT from Government and the CAA:

"I understand your desire to have the CAA to do and say more in this area but it is a Government issue and whilst we continue to inform Government we cannot go wider than that until the Government has confirmed its approach and eventually what it has agreed. The CAA public communications remains as on the CAA Website but repeated here:

“The following is in response to the European Commission’s publication ‘Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and EU aviation safety rules’ (13 April 2018): The Government, the UK Civil Aviation Authority and the entire aviation industry have been clear that our collective preference is to remain a member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) once the UK withdraws from the European Union (EU). The EU paper describes what the situation will be if this is both not achieved and no other agreements are in place, including an implementation period. While this a matter for government, we believe this to be a highly unlikely scenario. However, we continue to make the necessary contingency plans.”

As we receive more information we will keep everyone updated.

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