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Are we going to stay in EASA or not?

Are we going to stay in EASA or not? This is a question I often get asked and as with BREXIT the position is not clear.Businesses are trying to plan for next year, students are wondering what the value of their license will be ~ Mrs May told a Parliamentary subcommittee that our membership of EASA will be based on ‘ capabilities ‘ and this will be subject to the next stage of negotiation after we have left the EU on the 29th March 2019.
This statement suggests that we will not remain a part of EASA and whilst the the CAA says there will be no change to licenses the EU on the other hand issued a statement saying post BREXIT , if there is no deal then the EU will not recognise UK issued EASA certificates – However , in her Mansion  House speech Mrs May indicated that it was the UKs intention to remain in EASA!  However if we cannot keep a place at the negotiating table in the future then its seems that the future relations with EASA reflects the deal that is being put before Parliament -.Add to this that the UK is pulling out of Galileo but has found £92 million for the UK space agency to prepare a study on the possibility of building our own GNSS system  I begin to wonder if parallel universes really exist. A UK GNSS system will cost over £5 billion ! When is the CAA/ DfT going to start telling industry the truth about the situation and help UK GA businesses plan their futures…
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