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AOPA UK Enewsletters

We make use of a combination of Mailing Lists on our Mailserver and Mailchimp to keep you informed by email. These lists are separated into:

Instructor Members

Pilot Members

Student Members

Corporate Members

When we have a valid email address and your consent to this use your email address we will subscribe you to the relevant mailing lists, in some cases we maintain more than one list for each membership type.

You may unsubscribe from a list at any time, either by using a link in the email or by emailing the sender and asking to be usubscribed from that particular newsletter.

Your email address will be removed from all mailing lists for members only if you cease to be a member of AOPA UK. 

We publish a bi-monthly Enewsletter focused on news and issues we believe is relevant to UK based readers. We also allow non-members to sign up for the bi-monthly newsletter.

The AOPA UK Enewsletter is emailed to subscribers in January, March, May, July, September and November. View past Newsletters here.

We may also send additional Enewsletters to bring your attention to new items of news, advise you of forthcoming events and/or offers.

We also send regular, typically weekly, Regulatory news updates to Instructors, Pilots and Corporate members.

If you are not receiving Enewsletters and have not unsubscribed you should check your Junk and Spam folders and add us to your safe senders list or that we have you current email address.

You may subscribe/resubscribe to the either the Bi-monthly newsletter or, if you are a Pilot member, to the regular Pilot Updates using the forms below.

AOPA UK produces a bi-monthly Enewsletter which contains current information and news items relevant to General Aviation in the UK. It may also contain details of offers open to AOPA UK Members. We are happy to send this to you, member or not, if you subscribe below. We may also send promotional offers that may be of interest to you. We will not share your email details with any third party. If you do subscribe you are giving your consent for AOPA UK to use your email address for these purposes. To consent and receive our Emails you must check Yes in the Consent Field below.You may unsubscribe at any time using the link in the email.

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These update emails are sent to Pilots via MailChimp on a regular basis, typically weekly, and contain the latest Regulatory and other information for Pilots, including additional AOPA explanations where relevant.

As a current Pilot member of AOPA UK who has provided us with a valid email address and given consent for us to use it for newsletters you should already be receiving this newsletter. If you have stopped receiving the email and have not unsubscribed please check your SPAM box and if you find them there mark the emails as "Not Spam" and add the address and domain to your safe senders list.

From time to time, email service providers update their SPAM recognition policies and these emails can then get blocked. Once that has happened the email address will no longer be sent emails until the woner resubscribes.

If your AOPA UK membership has expired, or you are not a member, you will not be added to the mailing list.

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