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RAF Brize Norton ACP Consultation Feedback Report

The RAF Brize Norton Airspace Change Consultation Feedback Report has been published and can be found here.

Following the 15th December 2017 to 5th April 2018 Public Consultation period, all comments received have been thoroughly reviewed by BZN in order to identify the key issues and areas of concern. The approach taken by BZN was to review the airspace design in light of the significant points of objection raised by consultees and adapt the design where possible to address these objections.

In the light of the responses received during the Public Consultation, BZN has undertaken a detailed review of the proposed airspace design to identify areas where the airspace can be reduced in size or modified in order to alleviate the concerns of those that objected to the proposal and has considered where, and how, proposed alternative solutions could be implemented. BZN has considered the suggestions in general terms but has also considered specific alternative solutions for each element of the proposed airspace and provided reasons, where applicable, why alternative solutions could not be instigated.

Some of the suggestions put forward require further analysis to understand if they can be pursued as part of the ACP.

The consultation process constitutes the fourth stage of a seven-stage process for an ACP articulated within CAP 725 [Reference 1].

BZN has undertaken a further period of airspace design analysis the results of which are contained within Annex A3 of this document, BZN will finalise the designs and compile an ACP prior to submitting it to the CAA, presenting the case for the proposal. It is a requirement of the consultation process that BZN provides the CAA with full details of the consultation (including copies of all responses and correspondence) together with the documentation necessary for the promulgation of the proposed airspace change.

AOPA UK, along with the majority of respondents, objected to the ACP in its original form and made a number of suggestions for consideration. We await final details of any proposed changes to the ACP in the light of responses.

Following receipt of the formal ACP submission, the CAA then requires a 16-week period to conduct its own internal analysis of the final proposal and consultation results, before arriving at a Regulatory Decision.

BZN would like to notify consultees that should any representative organisation wish to present new evidence or data to the Group Director, SARG for his consideration prior to making his regulatory decision regarding a Change Sponsor Proposal, the representative organisation must submit, in writing, the information to the following address:

Group Director,
Safety and Airspace Regulation Group,
CAA House,
45 - 59 Kingsway,

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