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CAA extends exemption for non-EASA licence holders

The CAA have published ORS4 No 1293 which extends an exemption to allow non-EASA licence holders to fly G Registered EASA aircraft in UK airspace until 8 April 2020.

This exemption will enable any such person tocontinue to act as pilot of a UK registered aeroplane orhelicopteror TMG with an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness or EASA Permit to Fly,within the exercise of the privileges ofaPart-FCL LAPL(even though that person does not hold a LAPL),whilst holding,and exercising the privileges of, an appropriate licence granted under an Air Navigation Order (and which entitles the holder to perform the functions being undertaken by that person in relation to the aeroplane or helicopteror TMG).

This exemption provides an equivalent operationaland safety assurance outcome to Aircrew Regulation amendment, Regulation (EU)No 2018/1119, Article 1, Paragraph 3) allowing Member States to derogate from the provisions of Subpart B of Annex I (LAPL)until 8 April 2020. The essential requirement to hold an appropriate valid UK National pilot licence remains.Also, as relevant licensing arrangements after 2020 are not yet decided this exemption allows the UK to meet the requirements of relevant National legislation applying to such pilots.

Please read the full notice to ensure applicability and compliance.

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