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 ADS-B out installation on EASA GA Aircraft

 For owners of GA aircraft on the EASA register that have a transponder, which is capable of ADS-B (extended squitter) but have not had a suitable GNSS position source, it is expected that EASA will shorlty be releasing an update to CS-STAN Standard Changes and Standard Repairs. The update should include CS-SC005a, which will authorise aircraft maintenance engineers to connect GNSS position sources to an ADS-B capable transponder to enable ADS-B OUT.

Three configurations will be permissible under this standard change (SC):

Configuration 1

  • certified transponder + certified GNSS
  • conforms to AMC 20-24 but with (E)TSO-C166b unit for ADS-B OUT
  • reports SIL = 3 and SDA = 2

Configuration 2

  • certified transponder + ADS-B OUT + TABS GNSS
  • reports SIL = 1 and SDA = 1

Configuration 3

  • certified transponder + ADS-B OUT + uncertified GNSS
  • reports SIL = 0 and SDA = 0 (for airborne traffic awareness only)

This SC is not suitable for the release to service of the aircraft by the owner, it must be performed by a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer. However, the engineer does not have to apply for a Minor modification, which significantly reduces costs and saves time.

Please note that the CS-STAN address the airworthiness aspect (installation on the aircraft). The operation of this devices might be subject to limitations imposed by the Competent Authorities.

See (E)TSO-C199 A1.2.6 for GNSS position source function requirements (for TABS class B devices)

AOPA UK have been working with other partners on the General Aviation Improved Navigation Systems (GAINS) project which has done much to prepare the groundwork for these changes to be acceptable to EASA.

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