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EASA CS-STAN Issue 3 Standard Changes and Standard Repairs

EASA have published CS-STAN Issue 3 which includes Standard Change CS-SC005a: Installation of an ADS-B Out system combined with a Transponder System.

Standard Change CS-SC 005a is for the installation of ADS-B OUT systems. This SC allows the installation of different configurations for the voluntary transmission of ADS-B data (e.g. GPS position and velocity). It is applicable to aeroplanes that are not complex motor-powered aircraft, and that have a maximum cruising speed in ISA conditions below 250 kt TAS, to rotorcraft that are not complex motor-powered aircraft, and to any ELA2 aircraft.

This SC addresses three cases:

  • Configuration 1: an ADS-B OUT system that conforms to AMC 20-244;
  • Configuration 2: an ADS-B OUT system with an ETSO-C199() GNSS position source;
  • Configuration 3: an ADS-B OUT system with a GNSS position source that is not approved.

Note:The aircraft identified in the applicability/eligibility section of this SCdo not need to comply with Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) No 1207/2011 or its later amendments. Consequently, they do not need to satisfy the requirements set by CS-ACNS Subpart D Section 4 ‘1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B Out’.The likelihood of erroneous data being transmitted to ADS-B ground stations and to other aircraft is defined by quality indicators.

  • Configuration 1 installation provides quality indicators according to the principles that are defined in AMC 20-24 while controlling the latency through a direct connection between the transponder and the GNSS position source.
  • Configuration 2 installation provides quality indicators that are defined in ETSO-C199.
  • Configuration 3 sets the quality indicators to zero (0). Operators of aeroplanes fitted with a configuration 3 installation are expected to use the system for traffic awareness only. Equipment emitting with quality indicators that are set to 0 might not be seen by other aircraft systems or by ATC.

For full details and acceptable means of compliance you should read the full content of SC005a.

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