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Check your Aeronautical Radio Licence Expiry Date

In November 2018 the CAA passed the administration of aeronautical licences to OFCOM.

All licensees should have received this letter.

We have heard that a number of licensees did not receive an expiry reminder notice ahead of expiry date, but have received notices that the licence has been cancelled after the expiry date has passed.

The OFCOM page for Aeronautical Licences has this statement:

"Ofcom will no longer send final notice fee reminders for aeronautical licences one week before the fee due date. We have taken this step to bring aeronautical licences in line with our other products. The licence fee reminder notice will continue to be sent out six weeks before the fee due date. If payment is not received, we will issue a proposal to cancel notice on the licence fee due date and a cancellation notice one month after the licence fee due date."

If your licence is due to expire within 6 weeks and you have not received a reminder notice you are advised to contact OFCOM.

If your licence expires at a future date, i.e. more than 6 weeks from reading this, you may want to make a note to check that you receive a reminder ahead of expiry.

AOPA are raising this with the CAA and OFCOM. If you have been affected please let AOPA know by email to with details.

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