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Consultation on the proposed General Aviation MET (GAMET) area forecast for low-level flights

In order to implement new European regulations as detailed in ATM-IR (EU) 2017/373 some changes to UK Meteorological Observing and Forecast Arrangements for Civil Aviation will be required by the CAA. In parallel to implementing the new regulations, a review of the existing UK AIRMET service was undertaken by the CAA and the Met Office.

The review found that improvements could be made by rationalising and modernising the existing service and as a result the proposed UK GAMET area forecast service has been developed. The new service will also now be properly aligned to the ICAO specified GAMET and the area forecast for low-level flights specified in ATM-IR (EU) 2017/373.

The proposed UK GAMET area forecast will provide the following additional benefits to users (summarised below):

a) Realignment and rationalisation of the forecast boundary areas;

i. The new areas will remove overlaps currently created by the existing ‘mainarea’ forecasts and additional ‘sub area’ forecasts. This in turn removes duplication of forecast content for many areas and enables greater briefing consistency for pilots;

ii. The new areas will be aligned with the Ballooning Forecast boundaries;

b) Alignment of issue times and validity periods with other products;

i. The GAMET area forecast validity periods will be aligned with existing products, e.g. the UK Low Level Weather Chart (Metform F215);

ii. The issue times and forecast frequency will also be rationalised and aligned with existing products.

c) Rationalisation of the forecast information;

i. The existing UK Significant Weather AIRMET and UK Update and Outlook product will be discontinued as this information will in future be included in the GAMET area forecast;

ii. The existing UK Upper Winds AIRMET will be discontinued as the UK Low Level Spot Wind Forecast, Metform F214 provides more detailed information;

d) Modernisation of the forecast information;

i. The GAMET area forecast will be produced in a clearer pdf format, will be available on the Met Office website and additionally an alphanumeric version will be provided to enable dissemination via AFTN/AMHS.

More details of the GAMET area forecast and an example of the forecast can be found here.

Your feedback and any questions you have regarding the proposed GAMET area forecast are welcomed and should be submitted by email to by Friday 17 January 2020.

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