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Coronavirus Restrictions

Following the Governments announcements and guidelines on Monday AOPA has decided to restrict access  the London office at 50a Cambridge Street for essential business only : therefore for the time being it will not  be open to visitors.

AOPA members of staff all have the facilities to work from home. However, with membership renewals season about to start they will have to make infrequent visits to the office to use the fixed hardware there so I hope you understand the reasons for closing the office to visitors. In order to further protect them they won’t be using public transport to get there.You can help us by turning your membership renewal around as quickly as possible. 

This also means the telephone line won’t be manned as usual and will divert to personal mobiles.

I’ve also thought about the advice to avoid all unnecessary travel. I’m sure the Government wasn’t thinking of private flight when that advice was drawn up so I will leave that to your own individual consciences and personal risk management. At this time the DfT have advised us that there are no plans to ban VFR flights. There may be some pressures on controlled airspace further down the line (e.g. if air traffic controllers are unable to go into work), but the current message from NATS and others is that demand is reducing faster than the ability to service that demand. (Obviously this pressure would not impact on uncontrolled airspace.)

I am aware of many Flying Clubs, Airfields and Flight Training Organisations have been taking steps to minimise social contact with the closure of social facilities such as cafes and payment of landing fees by telephone. I’m also informed that sensible disinfectant precautions are being taken for those flights that are going ahead. Remember your ‘Fit to Fly’ training and keep both yourself and any passengers safe.

Finally, AOPA will continue its work with the DfT, CAA and EASA to protect your right to fly, but within the constraints of the current situation.

We’ll be keeping the situation under review and will get back to you with any changes.  AOPA intends to maintain the highest levels of service as is reasonably practical however please keep in mind we may not get back to you as quickly as we would like. Rest assured we shall do all we can to meet your needs. 
You can still contact AOPA on and from this website, however,  please bear with us if the response isn’t as prompt as usual: we will get back to you. If you have an urgent matter you can use or myself,, my mobile number is also below.

Pauline Vahey

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