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COVID-19 – Part 147 Exemption for Basic Training Schools against the 90% attendance requirement

The CAA have published ORS4 No 1352 which exempts any Part 147 Basic Approved Training Organisation that has applied to the UK CAA for exemption from the minimum attendance requirements as defined by Appendix I to Part 66 and 147.A.200.Provided that the following conditions are satisfied:

I.A Part 147 Basic Approved Training Organisation wishing to apply under this exemption, must inform the UK CAA in writing, confirming the start and finish date of the period that the exemption shall be utilised.

II.Students must remain in direct contact with their school / college via distance learning methods (telephone orinternet-based application such as online courses and webinar events).

III.The methodology to ensure continued contact with students ‘off site’ must be agreed with by the CAA, prior to start of the exemption process.

IV.Student remote Attendance/participation on these must be recorded. The school must be able to demonstrate that all students meet the attendance requirements. This exemption does not apply to Examinations.

V.Any organisation utilising this exemption must be able to demonstrate quality oversight of their students during this period.

This exemption has effect until 20 July 2020 unless previously revoked.

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