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COVID 19 – Guidance for General Aviation Private Pilots

The CAA have published CAP 1925 COVID 19 Preparing to Return to Normal Flying Operations for General Aviation Private Pilots.

This CAA guidance document is intended to complement guidelines issued by HM Government, the Department forTransport and Public Health bodies.You must only operate within the guidance around recreational flying activities as advised by Government.Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all advice is pertinent at time of publication, the CAA reserves the right to amend or withdraw this document to accommodate changes to HM Government policy, to correct errors and omissions or to reflect changes in national policy and best practice.

This document is used to supplement information published in CAP1919.

AOPA continue to have a dialogue with both the DfT and CAA on the issues raised in these publications, and other issues facing GA as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. We are pleased to note that some of our input has been included.



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