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BHA: Survey to improve the operating information for rotorcraft flight crew in the aircrew operating manuals (RMT.0724)

Earlier this year Tim Fauchon, CEO British Helicopter Association (BHA), attended an European Plan for Aviation Safety (EPAS) meeting to provide input into the planning cycle for the 2021-2025 EPAS. The BHA consider the FCOMs and ODMs for helicopters to be in a very poor state.

This is particularly pertinent in the case of legacy aircraft as the OEM has a problem in recouping costs given an ever shrinking fleet – this should not be used an excuse.

Subsequently, EASA have notified us that the EPAS will not be consulted with the Advisory bodies, including the R.COM, which Tim Fauchon chairs, until August and then it will be in its final draft. It is always difficult at that stage to get anything changed. EASA have mentioned that only 59% of the rule making activity will be progressed this year. In some cases like FTLs for HEMS, that is fine, but in other areas the BHA wish for work on helicopter matters to progress. CAT aeroplanes and UAVs are not suffering from the same delays.

Rotorcraft Flight Crew are asked by the BHA to fill out the Survey at so they can supply EASA with the evidence and data.

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