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Covid-19: ORS4 1421 EASA Part-FCL PPL(A & H) and LAPL(A & H) Extension to use of Pilot Medical Declaration for EASA Aircraft

The CAA have published ORS4 1421 Covid-19: The Requirement for Holders of Part-FCL Private Pilot Licences and Light Aircraft Pilot Licences to Hold an EASA Part-MED Medical Certificate when Operating EASA Aircraft.

This publication extends the exemption allowing holder of a UK Issued EASA Part-FCL PPL(A & H) or LAPL(A & H) who makes, or has made, a Pilot Medical Declaration to continue to fly an EASA Aircraft in UK Airspace if you meet the conditions of ORS4 1421 until 31 March 2021, unless revoked.


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