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Launch of new VHF Low Level Common Frequency trial

Today, 1 June 2021 marks the launch of a 1-year trial of ‘VHF LL Common’ an information service on the VHF Frequency 130.490. The aim is to reduce the risk of Mid-Air Collision between aircraft operating at or below 2000’ Above Ground Level. It is available for use by all aircrew, military and civilian, operating in the UK Low Flying System.

The CAA is supporting the military led trial of a VHF Low-Level (LL) Common frequency to be used across the UK. More information is available on the CAA website.

UK military low flying system

The UK military low flying system covers the open airspace of the whole of the UK and surrounding overseas areas from the surface to 2,000 feet above ground level (AGL) or mean sea level (MSL).

Major towns and cities are generally avoided by low flying aircraft; unless there are local landing sites situated in your vincinity. In some areas of the country, a combination of airspace restrictions and topographical features make it difficult for aircrew to greatly vary their routes. So some areas will experience a higher number of military aircraft then others.

Flight paths

There are no set flight paths. Aircrew plan each sortie individually, taking into account environmental and industrial hazards. Routes will be varied as much as possible to spread the disturbance to those on the ground, although this is not always practical.

Aircrew do not use specific properties as navigation markers, as this would severely restrict their tactical freedom. It is not inconceivable that aircrew might, on occasion; select an isolated/prominent building or static vehicle for this purpose, but it is most unlikely that the same marker would be chosen on a regular basis.

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