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BVLoS Project at Goodwood Aerodrome - TDA Activation

UPDATE 11 June 2021: The TDA WILL NOT be activated the week commencing 14 June 2021.

The first Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLoS) TDA activation will not be until Monday 14 June 2021 for the AM (0600-0900) and PM (1800-2100) sessions. It will then follow again on 15 June (AM) and 16 June (AM).

As set out below, the Mondays (AM+PM), Tuesdays (AM only) and Wednesdays (AM only) pattern can be expected most weeks between 14 June and 22 September 2021, subject to weather.

AM sessions are 0600 - 0900 and PM sessions are 1800 – 2100 local.

In order to minimise impacts to GA and to aid planning, it is planned to activate the TDA only on Mondays (AM+PM), Tuesdays (AM only) and Wednesdays (AM only). This can be expected most weeks between 1 June and 22 September 2021 subject to weather. The delay to commencement (originally 8 April) has reduced the available time but it is hoped that the activities can be completed in the remaining time, without requesting an extension to the TDA availability period. The reduced availability may mean activation on more days/times of the week, but for the time being it is hoped that the schedule outlined above will suffice.

All TDA activation will be subject to NOTAM with a minimum 24 hours’ notice. Whenever the TDA is active, a FISO will be present and able to safely facilitate arrivals/departures outside of published hours for Goodwood based operators, short-notice requests for access by airborne emergency services and/or aircraft in distress requiring TDA access.

For more information about this project see:


Airspace Change Proposal ACP-2020-082


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