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Uplift Aviation Limited
Turweston Aerodrome
Biddlesden Road
Brackley NN13 5YD
Phone: 07850 345995
Mobile: 07850 345995

It is now possible to take the Biennial Flight Review (BFR) and Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC), required for pilots flying on FAA qualifications, in the UK.

Bill Tollett is a multi-thousand hour pilot, FAA-qualified as a Flight Instructor for Single and Multi-engine Airplanes, and Instrument Training (CFI, CFII, MEI).

The BFR and/or IPC can be carried out using your own aircraft or a rented aircraft. Bill flies from Oxford Airport and Turweston Airfield and the BFR or IPC can be done from there, or your home airfield if that is more convenient.

Bill is also a CAA/JAA flight examiner for the PPL qualifications, including the IMC Rating, and he is a single engine and multi-engine piston class rating examiner. It is often possible to renew FAA and CAA/JAA qualifications during the same flight. Bill is CAA/JAA qualified for ab initio, instrument, night, multi and aerobatic instruction.

Aircraft :-

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Cessna 152 Aerobat 1
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