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Anson House
Coventry Airport West
Coventry Road
Coventry CV8 3AZ
Phone: 02476 306440

Why Almat Aviation?

Flying with Almat Aviation provides all you need to achieve your Private Pilots Licence and more.

We are a vibrant and dynamic team known for our enthusiasm and commitment to flying training including a unique ground school running on a continuous cycle from September to July.

Flying out of Coventry Airport, we have all of the facilities enjoyed by our larger neighbours Birmingham, East Midlands and Luton.

Facilities include full air traffic control service with multiple frequencies, radar, locator beacons, Instrument Landing System with Distance Measuring Equipment.

Pilots learning from Coventry are educated in the procedures associated with international airports but without the intense traffic generated by such facilities.

When you take your Night qualifications, Coventry Airport is open until 1.00am so you can train during the hours of darkness even during the summer months.

Aircraft :-

Robin 2160   1
Piper PA28RT 1
Piper PA28R    
Piper PA28 1
Grob 115 2
Cessna 172 2
Cessna 152 2
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